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Development of Housing within Northowram and Shelf.
March 2017
Published below are the deignated areas for new buildings within Northowram and Shelf. These are not confirmed but are possible sites.

housing proposed in Northowram

If you would like to object or help form a body of people who would fight these proposals please contact councillor Peter Caffrey using the email address below:


Notes from Village Society meeting. 24th Nov 2015.
December 2015
The Northowram Village Society AGM took place on Tuesday 24th November 2015. As with the previous meeting it was poorly attended by residents. There were changes in the structure of the committee, with Mike Beecham standing down as chairman and Debbie Mitchell standing down as secretary.
The committee for 2016 was voted in as follows:
M Galvin (treasurer) M Beecham, B. Meadowcroft,, A Horsfield, R Shaw, S Green, B Wood.
With the absence of a chairman for the society it was agreed to progress into next year under a different structure
1. To suspend the £3 per household fee per annum.
2. Not have any organised meetings at Northowram Club.
3. Keep a skeleton committee that will endeavour to go to the Ward Forum meetings
4. Collect information to publish on the northowram.org web site.
5. Suspend printed newsletters and their delivery.
6. Keep the society financial fund intact for a fighting fund for the committee ( or future committee) to fight any planning or issues that effect the village.

One of the biggest problem the society has faced is that it has tried to attract new and younger residents to join. The existing committee have all served well over 15 years and more, and are older members of the community. New input on the committee would be more representative of the needs of the village going forward. and represent the interests of the families that will be living here in future times
The Societies objectives are to protect the village from unwanted building, offer a link to the council, and to use its 20 years experience by helping to make the village a better place to live in.
We need younger people to join us and help to continue the societies good work for the future of this special village.

Will the Village Society Continue? Its up to you.
October 2015
A big question mark for hangs over the continuation of the Northowram Village Society. The last meeting was very poorly attended. Combine this with the depletion of committee members, that has the knock on effect of making it hard to organise meetings on a regular timetable.
Since the previous chairman stepped down the society has been continuing under the stand-in chairman Mike Beecham. This was originally expected to be for the period of one year. Four years on, we still have no chairman to front the meetings, only the stand-in chairman. Mike has now decided to stand down due to accepting the commitment of chairman of the Northowram Historical Society.
The committee have had a number of discussions to try and resolve the situation. There only seems to be two paths we can take, which will have to be resolved at the next open meeting for members.
The first step will be to ask for someone to fill the position of chairman at the start of the next meeting. If someone can fill the position they will have some organisational tasks to perform. To book committee meetings plus members meetings, also they will have to front the members meeting as representative of the committee, implementing an agenda to cover relevant information for communicating to the audience.
If no one stands for the chairman’s position then we are left with only one alternative.
This will be to suspend the £3 per household fee per annum. Not have any organised meetings at Northowram Club. Keep a skeleton committee that will endeavour to go to the Ward Forum meetings and collect information to publish on the northowram.org web site. Suspend printed newsletters and their delivery. Keep the fund intact for a fighting fund for any future committee that may form to fight any planning or issues that effect the village.
One of the biggest problem the society has faced is that it has tried to attract new and younger residents to join. The existing committee have all served well over 15 years and more, and are older members of the community. New input on the committee would be more representative of the needs of the village going forward. The recent Northowram Community Booklet was produced and distributed to every household in the village to ask residents to become involved, trying to tell them that the village can be how they want it to be if they take the time to invest in a plan now. It’s time for a change. Please come to this next meeting at Northowram Club, and contribute in the continuation of the society.
Committee present at meeting Tuesday 27th October 2015
M Beecham, B Meadowcroft, M Galvin, D Mitchell, A Horsfield
Apologies: R Shaw, S Green,

Mon. 7th December. 5.30 for 6pm. Stone Chair Variety Club. Stone Chair.

Notes from the last Northowram Village Society meeting Tuesday 23rd June 2015.
June 2015
Held at Northowram Club. It was a smaller turnout than expected as the Northowram Community Booklet was expected to have attracted some new faces to the meeting. On the agenda was:- Planning, Core Strategy, Village Diary and AOB.

Planning Issues discussed were.
• St Cass, Bunney Green Hall Lane - convert garage and add 3 bed two storey house.
• Detached dwelling 23 The Rise Northowram
• Mobile Home at Landemere. - Action still taking place on this application to keep the mobile home as the applicant says it has a Gypsy status.
• Northowram Hill Quarry Howes Lane, Northowram – quarry re-opened to extract small stone waste for sale as aggregate.
• Upper Lane – 3 houses nearing completion. Thought to be in keeping with the area due to them being in the Conservation area.
• Haven Close Northowram Halifax Calderdale. Extra block of housing. - Also information has been given that the builder has put in for planning on the 'Donkey Field' above this development. Action will be required by anyone wishing to object.
• Land North Of Kluber Lubrication Bradford Road - This accepted to be agreeable to the community as it will bring jobs into the village and will not be vissible from the Chelsea Valley side.
Queen Victoria Inn, Northowram. - still under consideration as the delivery lorries could be a problem to the road traffic in this area.

Another planning issue raised by those present regarded right of access into Upper Lane Farm from a small gate access into Upper Hall View due to a planned house in the grounds of Upper Lane Farm. The society will look into the issues surrounding the application.

Core Strategy.(from Newsletter - discussed at the meeting ) It is interesting to look back over the period of time that has elapsed since the Governments Core Strategy was announced back in 2008 as it can help to give a focus to the many issues that have cropped up in this long period. Some are forgotten whilst others are worthwhile revisiting to help understand the importance of what Northowram could face unless we consolidate for a pro-active stance against development of the village.
Looking back to comments from individuals posted on the Calderdale Planning pages on their web site there are a number of written replies to the proposed Core Strategy document. that gave cause for concern from even those early days. Comments such as:
•The settlement of Northowram is proposed to deliver 1.8% (185 dwellings based on the Council’s requirement figure, (which we consider should be higher) of the total housing requirement. We consider the proportion to be distributed to Northowram should be higher than the proportion proposed for Shelf given it is a more sustainable settlement..
• That due to a lack of brownfield land, it is likely that amendments will be required to the Green Belt to meet the housing requirement in Northowram.
Both the above comments were placed by a property developer.
Bringing the issues facing us as a village into the present day it was interesting to read an article published a few week back about new housing in Britain. This stated that two builders at either side of a road in Peterborough offered freehold on one side and leasehold to the other! Barrett Homes were the developer offering freehold but the ever constant Persimmons offered only leasehold.
Leasehold means the developer owns the ground the house is built on. Add a conservatory or any structural changes to the property and you need it to be agreed by the owner of the land, also you will have to pay an annual fee of £150 per year for upkeep of the areas around the properties.
A worrying slant as we know Persimmons own a large green filed site in Northowram and could put pressure on Calderdale Council to allow development in what we have designated a Conservation area if we don’t have our own Local Neighbourhood Plan! Looking at those earlier comments they might just be pointing the way to how the development of the village may go if village apathy prevails.
Just think Persimmons could go on to own a large piece of Northowram for 999 years!

Village Diary - see Home Page for up to date diary.

• The Yew Tree Inn, no news as yet to whether a new landlord is taking over as there is a sign up, To Let.
• 'Crimond', the house situated down Hedgtop Lane is for sale. The ground it sits in will attract developers.Preservation orders were put on trees in the gounds to help protect it from development.
• Parking of cars around Northowram Surgery has caused concern

Notes from the last Northowram Village Society meeting that was incorporated into the Northowram and Shelf Ward Forum Tuesday 10th March 2015.
March 2015
Held at Northowram Community Sports and Activity Club, Westercroft Lane, Northowram. There was a larger turn out that usual to this meeting due to the meeting being advertised to residents via the Village Society Newsletter. The main points from the adgena were:- 1. Allocation of the 5k Ward Forum Budgets. A number of groups have put in applications for various community projects. 2. Shelf Allotments. This was land that could be used for housing and therefore thought to have a better use for the communities of Shelf and Northowram if it was split into allotments. 3. Police Update by PC 1418. Andy Bingham. Local Priority was the policing of the roads and speeding through Northowram Village. A check also had been made at Brow Lane outside Salterlee School. Limits were being observed. Crime figures were as follows:-

  2014 2015
House Burglary 08 03
Other Burglary 00 03
Damage 01 02
Vehicle Crime 03 11
MOWP 04 04
Drink Driving 00 01
Robbery 01 01
Theft/Fraud 05 06
Domestic Crime 03 04
Drugs 00 01

4. Northowram Village Society. Reports on the Historical Society also. Sad death of Alan Petford. Wednesday group meeting at Heywoods lower meeting room to research history projects. 7.30pm start all welcome. A join bid for the Ward Forum Budget had been made for a 'Community Booklet' to help recruit more younger families to the societies and clubs within the village. Also it would help make people aware of the Local Neighbourhood Development Plan, and the need for action. Planning issues were. a) QueenVictoria Inn. The store moved to the back of the building to move it away from the drains. b) Upper Lane a detached house within the Conservation area. c) Upper Brian Scholes Farm. A house wanted to be built on approach driveway. d) Swales Moor. Now down to 2 wind turbines on the Planning Application. 5. Shelf Village Society. Advertising their planned Fun Day event on 21st March 2015 at St Michael & All Angels School. Shelf. 5. Councillors Updates. Informing of no Council Tax rises as yet. Although a warning to 2017/18 where the Council is tasked with saving £9.6 million. A calculator will be produced as an online tool to feed in the cuts residents think may be a priority, it will then work out the savings.

Next Ward Forum meeting. Wednesday 17th June 2015. Salterlee School, Kell Lane, Shibden. 6pm for 6.30pm start.

Ward Forum update for meeting held 10th December 2014.
December 2014
Northowram Historical Society reported on it sucess of the sales of their new book. 600 of the 700 printed have been sold. The Northowram Village Society reported on its new committe and the content of its last meeting (see below). Shelf Village society reported on a project they had completed to plant 5000 spring bulbs at Shelf Park also their plans for a Family Fun Day to be organised for 21st March 2015. AGM planned for 26th February at Stone Chair Club 7.30pm start.

Brow Lane in Shibden is now open for traffic, the road works complted. Discussions regarding 20mph limits for minor roads in the area took place. Updates on planning for the Shelf football fields and pavillion - now passed through planning stages. The QueenVictoria Inn and Leo Group planning application updates are hown separatly on this page.

The policing team was represented by PC Andy Bingham and PCSO Sarah Conderson (newly appointed from the Huddersfield area) Crime Statistics for the period of 1st November to 7th December 2014

Incident notes: Three youths aged 12 and 13 from Northowram have been spoken to by police following anti-social behaviour in the village. The youths will be reqired to complete two hours restorative work in the village and attend the army cadet centre. The high figure for vehicle crime relates to the area covered including Claremount where most crimes have occured.

Ward Forum Budgets: Apply now for £500!
Calderdale Council has made a total of £ 5,000 available for each ward to be spent by March 2015.
The fund must be spent on grants for activities and projects that benefit the ward. For example a community group activity, a community event or an activity or project to improve the environment.
The maximum grant per application is £500 and any group can apply.
Constituted groups should have a bank account in the name of the group so that if successful the money can be transferred. Other groups should explain how the project or activity will benefit the community. If the application is successful invoices will be paid direct by the North and East Halifax Neighbourhood team.
The Neighbourhood Team is running the grants fund for each ward but decisions on who will receive a grant will be made by a Ward Forum grants panel made up of neutral community representatives.
For information on how to make an application in North and East Halifax please contact Tony King on 01422 255402 or email team@halifaxnorthandeast.com.
Don’t be put off by the application process – if you’ve a good idea for a project, ring us and we can help you!

Leo Group wind turbines update.
December 2014
This application has all the expectations of failing, so the Leo Group have amended it from the proposed three wind turbines to two. This is thought that it would overcome some of the objections! Visuals showing how the wind turbines will look when placed on the landscape are available to look at by contacting the Leo Group at: Swalesmoor Rd. Halifax. HX3 6UF. Contact melanie.rosser@leogroupltd.co.uk

Northowram Village Society meeting notes for the AGM and meeting held 6th Nov 2014.
November 2014
The last village society meeting was held at Northowram Club, The Green, Northowram, with the addition of AGM and Pie and Pea supper. Discussions were mainly around the planning application for the proposed convienience store in place of the Queen Victoria Inn. There were 208 comments lodged on line. 200 against. It was advised that a letter be handed in to the council meeting held for deciding the application. This could outline all the relevant points that people in the village are against this application.
Other points brought up was the planning application for 3 wind turbines proposed by the Leo Group to be placed on the skyline of Shibden Valley. More support for the Shibden Valley Society is required by including an objection to the on line form at Calderdale Planning. See details below.
New Northowram Village Society

Committee members standing for 2015 are:- M. Beecham. M Galvin. A Horsfield. R Shaw, S Green and D Mitchell

Leo Group wind turbines.
July 2014
- UPDATE October 2014
Please take the time to make a comment on the Calderdale Planning website. The application is numbered 14/01125/FUL. - Installation of three Endurance X30 wind turbines, 30m to hub with 30m diameter rotor.
The new application for three smaller wind turbines has been backed by blanket coverage of a letter informing all residents in the village and surrounding area. The impact of smaller wind turbines is still a problem as visually they will still be prominent on this special horizon. The content of the letter from The Leo Group can be read below:-

Proposed Wind Turbines at Swalesmoor Farm for Leo Group

Following the refusal of the Planning Application for a 77m Wind Turbine last year, the problem of the limited power supply for Swalesmoor Farm has not gone away and Leo Group still need to provide an on-site power generation facility here.

As many interested parties have suggested alternative sources of power that could be used, these have been re-considered but nothing else can provide the level of power generation that we need in this location.

With this in mind we are proposing to submit a new planning application for a group of three smaller turbines on the site which we feel will have less impact on the surrounding area and still generate the power that Leo Group needs.

The proposal is to erect three Wind Turbines of a similar size to those that have recently been approved for Marshalls Quarry and Park Nook Farm at Southowram (LPA Ref No: 13/01160). However, whereas those applications are for two bladed turbines, we are proposing to have three bladed turbines of the same size, on a 30m hub with 33m diameter rotor blades giving an overall height of approximately 45m to tip.

The locations for the turbines are restricted by the constraints of noise but two locations within the built up part of Swalesmoor Farm have been identified. The third location is on land owned by Leo Group that forms part of Pule Hill Farm and is located on the south side of Ringby Quarry.

We have enclosed a plan showing the locations and a photomontage of the turbines to assist you in understanding what is being proposed. The Government now requires that proposals of this sort are subject to Pre-Application Public Consultation and as such we would be pleased to receive your written comments in response to this proposal by 16 July 2014.

In addition to this we are holding a Local Liaison Group Meeting at our head office at Swalesmoor Farm on Thursday 10 July 2014 at 7pm for further discussion of the proposal at this pre-application stage. This will allow some time to finalise your pre-application comments. Please contact Melanie.rosser@leogroupltd.co.uk to confirm if you are able to attend the Local Liaison Group meeting.

There will of course be the normal consultation period for the Planning Application when it is submitted during which time further comments on the final version of the scheme will be sought. Melanie Rosser. PR and Communications Manager.

Whatever your views, whether pro wind farm or against, please check Calderdale Planning web site to interact with this application.

Northowram & Shelf ward Forum Notes.
June 2014

The meeting held on Tuesday 17th June 2014. St Michael & All Angels Junior School. It was well attended by both Northowram and Shelf residents. In the Open forum there were certain issues that required action:- Parking to be made available in Northowram Library car park to ease congestion in front of residents houses. 534 Bus Route. Going from a 60 minute service to a 90 minute. This is still in a consultation period. The service was running via Shibden Valley before the Brow Lane closure. Electrical work is still holding up the completion of the road re-opening. Traffic trying to pull out of Hedge Top Lane is at risk from cars accelerating as it crosses the main Bradford Road into Westercroft. Parked cars are forcing the traffic on to the opposite side of the road. Police attended the meeting and are aware. There is now a £5000 grant available for the ward forum areas. this will be available to a maximum of £500 per individual group. Discussions were made on how to manage this process. The next Ward Forum will be Tuesday 2nd September 2014. Northowram Community Sports and Activity Club. Westercroft Lane.

Police - Crime Information.
June 2014

The meeting was attended by Andy Bingham. (Ward Forum Update 17th June 2014). Crime Statistics for 1st May to 17th June.

2013     2014  
Arson 01 - Arson 00
House Burglary 06 + House Burglary 07
Other Burglary 12 - Other Burglary 03
Damage 09 - Damage 00
Disorder 00 + Disorder 01
Vehicle Crime 10   Vehicle Crime 10
Theft 12 - Theft 06
Theft (Shop) 01   Theft (Shop) 01


Moving forward with the Local Neighbourhood plan
April 2014
At the Northowram and Shelf Ward Forum held on Wednesday 18th March, the Local Neighbourhood Plan was discussed again. One of the threats to our village will be from outside developers who could get planning passed on green field sites if we don’t get a plan together.
There are various ways forward. We can start a leaflet drop around the village to recruit more people to the cause, or we could join forces with the Shelf village society, who have just formed. Whatever we do, we need to act soon as our area is tasked with fitting in 400 houses in the area.
Please attend our next village society meeting to add your voice to the discussion.

Lumbrook wind turbine planning application put in again!
April 2014
In an early story we covered the threat of wind turbines on the edge of scenic areas of our village. The extra large turbine proposed for the top side of Shibden Valley was defeated at the planning stage, but the other proposed turbine at Lumbrook had been withdrawn.
As we thought this was a strategic move to test the waters and then re-apply for planning at a later stage. Recently residents in the area of Lumbrook have had to resort to a door-to-door drop of leaflets asking for support to make an objection to the planning application. Although this date has now passed and the result is still to be announced it is still a contentious issue for residents.
Do you support renewable energy or the protection of the countryside and the spoiling of wildlife and scenery? Large blades can be a danger to flying creatures. Other objections can be against the sound made by the low hum these blades emit. One other consideration that needs to be made is the continued maintenance of these structures. It has been said that a certain number of wind turbines on the Ogden Moor that are now nearly twenty years old have now gear box malfunctions and are now at a standstill!
Whatever your views are regarding the continued presence of these turbines within our landscape it is certain that there has to be a cut off point for the amount we can fit in the space around the village.

Policing in Northowram village.
April 2014
The PACT and Police update was given at the last Ward Forum meeting by Brian Russel. He introduced the new community constable, Andy Bingham.
It was mentioned that burglaries in the village had dropped from 19 to 8 in the latest period from October 2013. It was pointed out that stone theft had increased in the area. People should be aware the suspicious behaviour such as people measuring up stone structures could be just looking to assess how much they can transport and take away later. Decorative stone work such as the Lions situated outside a house on the Hough have been stolen. These are valued by thieves as they are worth more. The 101 number can be used.
Monitoring of speeding had not shown that we had a problem as the majority were well within the limits.
A school mini bus had been stolen from Salterlee School. Although the number plate was recognised going through Halifax, it hasn’t been found. There was an attempt to steel a car in Upper Hall View.
Home Security
Taking a few easy steps to secure your home can go a long way in beating the burglar. To add extra security to your UPVC doors we recommend fitting 2 sash jammers approximately 18 inches from the top and bottom.
They are screwed into the frame and the bar swings across to prevent the door or window being forced (check that fitting them yourself does not invalidate any guarantee).
These can also be fitted to all ground floor UPVC windows (or any accessible windows from the ground floor) and they come in white, brown and gold.
Available to buy online and from hardware retailers.

Shelf and District Community Group formed.
April 2014
Shelf and District Community Group meeting Northowram Village Society to pass on experiences and build a link to help in future development plans that affect both our areas.

Contact email: shelfcommunitygroup@gmail.com



Northowram and Shelf Ward Forum notes continued:
October 2017

Residents need to make their comments of some substance and stress why the LDP will not work in Northowram & Shelf. Councillor Caffrey had a copy of a list of what are called Material Considerations and Non Material Considerations. Only Material considerations will be taken into account by the local planning authority (SEE BELOW). Residents must not lose sight of the fact that other planning applications have also been put in for development on green belt and sites that are not green belt, and are outside the LDP

Police Update. There was a feeling that there is a lack of police presence in Northowram. It was agreed to write to the Inspector, Sergeant and the Police and Crime Commissioner informing them that they are unhappy with the llack of police presence in the ward. New 20mph limits will come into effect within the next two weeks.

Ward Forum Grants. These are available to local community groups and applications can be made from 1st November.

NEXT MEETING:- Wednesday Monday 4th December 2017 at the Stone Chair Club, Ing Head Gardens HX3 7LB, 5.30pm for 6pm start

material planning considerations

Development of Housing within Northowram and Shelf some helpful information and link to join the new fighting group.
August 2017


What are the differences between brown belt and green belt land?
Greenbelt is largely undeveloped or sparsely occupied land, which, hashistorically been set aside to contain development and provide open space. The greenbelt boundaries can and do regularly change in response to our housing needs.
Greenfield is land that has not been previously developed. It includes forestry, agricultural land and buildings, as well as previously developed sites that have now been blended back into the natural landscape. Quite often, when councils and planning departments are looking to release land from the greenbelt for residential development, they re-designate areas of the greenbelt to greenfield in advance of allowing development to take place. This enables them politically, when they release the land for development, to say that it was taken from greenfield sites and not the beloved greenbelt. Hence they often deny allowing development on greenbelt land.
Brownfield land is the term commonly used to describe previously developed land that is or was occupied by a permanent structure. It can also be derelict land, which can only be redeveloped after the removal of chemical waste risks and derelict buildings. These are the preferred sites for redevelopment by Government officials and local councils. However, brownfield sites are
now few and far between and many of them are contaminated beyond repair, making them unsuitable to sustain residential development.

June 2017
This summer Caderdale Council will announce a plan that will propose the building of over 2000 new houses in the villages of Shelf, Northowram and Claremount – 96% of them on Green Belt.
As a group of concerned residents, we believe this level of development is unfairly focused on our area in the east of Calderdale. It is unsustainable and is damaging to the area we love.
Why or How Will This Affect You?
With over 2000 houses proposed, our already saturated network of roads and junctions cannot take the influx of even more cars. Traffic Jams will become the norm and your quiet road will become a rat-run. Think about the bigger picture! Even though there may not be a development on your doorstep, the knock-on effect will impact on your daily life.
Our schools and doctors surgeries are already full. How can they accept more patients and students? Calderdale Council have provided no plan to address this problem.
Green Belt land will be lost forever; this is permanent and irreversible. Developers and the Councils stand to make huge profits at your expense. We are in danger of merging both villages into a town, without the infrastructure of services of a town.
The current sewage and drainage network cannot cope already and Yorkshire Water have no plans to upgrade in the foreseeable future.
It will upset the local ecosystem which puts wildlife at risk.
What Can You Do?
Register to object. In order to object to the local plan, you must be registered.
Visit Calderdale-consult.limehouse
Talk to people; let your neighbours know about the proposed developments.
Join our Facebook and Next door groups and share content we are sharing in order to help raise awareness among your family and friends.
Simply search ‘Shelf Northowram Local Plan Forum’
Please stick a poster (when available) in the window of your home or up in your place of work.
Please try to collect photographic evidence of traffic issues, blockages at key junctions and heavy goods vehicles on small lanes etc. If it inconveniences you, it will only get worse. Send any photos in to contact@snlpf.org.uk or upload them to our Facebook Group.
When the consultation is launched, we will be holding a meeting to answer any questions on how this will affect you and how to respond to the consultation.

Queen Victoria Inn conversion/planning update.
December 2014
Yorkshire water have indicated that a 1metre sewer pipe runs under the area of the inn and would have to be moved. There seems to be a deadlock to what can happen sa there seems to be no options to move the pipe! We wait to see what will happen.

Queen Victoria Inn to be a convenience store?.
July 2014
It certainly seems that the proposed planning application for the change of use for the Queen Victoria Inn has caused great activity by the number of residents who are talking about the possible outcome of this proposal. Rumours are flying as to who will be the successful retailer. We have heard stories that Tesco had been outbid by the Co-op, to one that states the successful retailer is Sainsbury.
As far as the Village Society is aware this is an application to sound out the possibility of acceptance and that only then will the retailer who will be successful be announced.
The application can be viewed online at Calderdale Planning ;
The application number is 14/01004/FUL.. Application received 15th August 2014 for the Queen Victoria Inn, 10-12 Victoria Place, Bradford Road, Northowram. Extensions to side and rear of existing building and change of use from public house to convenience store, status is Pending Consideration.
There are 75 comments (8th Oct) from the public, of those 71 are objections 2 are neutral and 2 are supporting. There is real concern that this will hit the local businesses and affect the trade to the heart of the village. For those who do believe it is detrimental to the village it is suggested that you log onto the Calderdale web site to voice your opinion. You can also view the architectural plans and elevations that are associated with the proposed changes to the building.

Link to our Community Services page where you can find out about local policing within the village.

Contact us at: nvs@northowram.org

Ward Forum Notes from meeting held 3rd October 2013.
October 2013
PACT and Police updates: Speed traffic on local roads, results can be viewed below.

PLACE Direction of traffic 85%ile Average speed Max speed
Score Hill Northowram 32mph
Coley Road Denholme Gate 41mph
Coley Road Shelf 33mph
Hud Hill Hud Hill 36mph
Hud Hill Score Hill 31mph
Bradford Road Halifax 34mph
Bradford Road Shelf 37mph
Back Clough Northowram 33mph
Back Clough Northowram 32mph

PACT Police Updates
Present at the meeting were Sergeant Darren Bedford and Community PC Brian Russell.
Reported that there were constant patrols as Northowram seems to attract undesirables. At night there is a minimum of two officers patrolling until dawn. Anyone suspected that they shouldn’t be here is persuaded to return and tell others Northowram is a ‘no-go’ area.
Parents dropping of new pupils to the school have been causing parking problems. They have been approached by PC Russell.
Speed checks were asked for again by residents in the Hough area. It was agreed the police will check the area again. More speed check info available www.northowram.org
A commercial vehicle check was made next to the Queen Victoria Inn. This was to make sure vehicles were being used for legitimate purposes.
The Shelf Hall Park area that had attracted travellers was now secured properly against this happening in the future.
Hippperholme Cross Roads.
Visuals of the new intended layout were shown to the meeting plus a plan of the road layout. More information on www.northowram.org
Local Community Updates.
One of the tennis courts next to Northowram Bowling Club to be used as an adult and children’s exercise area.
Calderdale Citizen Award 2014.
This is an opportunity to celebrate work of individuals who have contributed to their communities and Calderdale. Nomination forms will be available soon. Check on line at Calderdales site to download.
Community Festival and Event Fund
There is now a fund to support groups that are organising cultural events and festival across Calderdale. The aim is to get more local people involved in the arts, and attract visitors to our towns and villages. A maximum of £2000 will be made available to any individual Festival or Event. See Calderdales web site for more info.

Help required by Heywood Church
October 2013
One of our churches in the village requires some voluntary help.Anyone who would like to help they can do in a number of ways.
Additional practical help is required in tidying up of the graveyard area. Also if there is anyone who has a financial background and would be willing to take on the position of Treasurer, he or she would be very welcome.
We need to make an effort to preserve this historic and major religious centre in our village. Lets not loose this special historic site to a possible developer in the future!
Those wanting to help please get in touch with either Ronnie Marshall, Tel 203840 or Brenda Rushworth, Tel 202052.

Wind Turbines planning applications in the village
February 2013
Recent planning applications seemed to have included at least four wind turbines all sited within a similar area of the village. around Marsh Hall and just above Medley Lane near the end of Upper lane.
These turbines are termed as Micro Scale. When looking at the measurement of the blades, these are 5.6 metres in diameter, eighteen and a half feet for those not yet metric, they’re not exactly small.
There have already been a number of objections, not only to the village society itself, but to the Planning department.
There are two view points to this arguement and it’s up to villagers to make up their own minds. Some people believe its an acceptable way to create energy without resorting to neuclear power.
Others seem to think they are just a blot on the landscape and alter the view of the village where there are a number of older properties with ancient histories. Please take time to make your views known to the council planners.

Your voice and planning.
December 2012
Recent communications from Calderdale Planning has led to concern that there could be up to184 new homes proposed for the Northowram area. This was found on the latest Area Based Policy documents (194/5) issued by the Planning Service. Although early days it does require residents to aquaint themselves with what is possibly going to happen in the village and its surrounding areas. Please take time to visit the planning office, or go online to look at any proposals for our village. It could affect you and the future lifestyle of the village! Interested in Calderdale Planning issues but not sure how to make your voice heard?
The Council’s website and online planning portal is a mine of information – and offers quick ways to keep up and have your say.
You may have read that from October 19 the Council will be consulting local people about its long term Core Strategy. This includes preferred options for how to meet the need to provide 600 new homes a year in Calderdale between now and 2029.
In October and November, sessions will be held in local libraries in Halifax North and East to show you how to use the electronic system, including how to find out about planning applications near your home.

Is Northowram becoming a prime area for petty crime.
August 2012
Recent increases in crimes throughout the village seem to indicate that thieves are finding Northowram a fruitful place to carry out their activities.
Upper Lane seems to have been an area of repeated car break-ins and also the entry into a property. The crime in question happened on a Sunday evening between 12pm and 3am as the milkman found a briefcase in the road belonging to one of the residents and knocked him up to find that his van had been broken into where the Sat Nav had been taken and a mobile phone taken from the house.
Also reported was a stolen car that had been left on Upper Lane and burnt out.
On a good note, the police did try and stop a car in Bradford, the occupants ran off, but they did find the stolen Sat Nav on the back seat.
At our last village PACT meeting (Police and Communities Together) it was pointed out that they were aware of the problem and putting more resource at tackling the problem.
We can all do our bit by being more vigilant by reporting any suspicious incidents. Everyone has had enough of our village heritage disappearing by the thieving taking dry stone walling and paving slabs from our streets, our property and possessions should be a wake-up call to everyone to help stamp out this invasive threat.

Local development Framework
Groups throughout Calderdale had held seminars to enable local representatives to put there poits of view to the planning officers who are working on the framework. The following are some of the ponts that were put forward in our area.

Key Findings for
1. Positive quality of life
Residents in this area enjoy the surrounding countryside and proximity to other towns.
They feel well served in relation to local amenities and experience a strong sense of community.
2. Community
Residents believe their area offers a good ‘village experience’ which in turn supports a strong community spirit.
Each of the three villages have their own identity,
3. History
Residents are proud of the local heritage and history of the area which they want preserved.
4. Countryside
This area offers close proximity and easy access to surrounding countryside which residents value highly.
5. Facilities and local amenities
Residents believe they are well served in terms of local amenities such as libraries shops ect,
6. Quality of life concerns
Residents are primarily concerned with issues around congestion, over-development and the impact of over-development on the green spaces and community spirit they prize.
7 Roads and traffic
Congestion is a big concern of local residents –
They think the speed and volume of traffic poses a serious hazard for pedestrians and drivers, particularly in Northowram.
Heavy loads and rat-run traffic through residential areas are also concerns.
8. Development
Residents are concerned about the volume of unsympathetic new builds and infill development
Residents feel their views about planning are not being taken seriously by the council
“We like to feel that two minutes from our door we are effectively in the countryside.
“Any little open patch, they’ll whack a house on it. It’s disregarding the need for open spaces.”
9. Paths and rights of way
There seems to be an issue in this area around rights of way. Participants worry that they will lose access to some of their walking routes because landowners block footpaths.
The full report can be read on line or in the library
Date of next meeting Thursday 24th Nov
AOB Concern about dog dirt
Overhanging trees on the green

Ward Forum notes from meeting held 12th Sept 2012
What’s going on in Northowram & Shelf – Neighbourhood Updates
Cllr Caffrey updated the meeting about a recent door knocking exercise he attended along with the Ovenden and Mixenden Initiative and partner agencies and concerns about dog waste. He has been pressing for an update on bins, especially on Upper Lane. He has also been chasing up a map of bins in the ward so that residents can consider whether these are in the right place , as it may prove difficult to get additional bins, but is possible to move existing bins to different locations. Hopefully there will be an update for the next meeting.
Recent SID traffic speed updates –
Insp. Colin Skeath explained that the SID results on The Hough are of concern, but not in the most severe category . The average speed is 32mph and the maximum is 37mph. Insp. Skeath has arranged to deploy traffic response vehicles to patrol the area. He stressed that speeding is not just about enforcement and engineering of roads, but also about education of motorists and young drivers. He informed the meeting that Sgt. Barton has been doing a lot of work on this particular problem and he will be attending the next meeting in December with full updates and actions. Residents asked about a police traffic vehicle usually in place on Bradford Road and results of that. Insp. Skeath explained that the SID figures are supplied by the council not the police. The police officers on Bradford Road take direct action against offenders and can only be in place on roads that meet certain criteria. Again Sgt. Barton can update on this at the next meeting. Residents asked that SID requests be put in The Hough and Claremount Road early morning and late evening as residents believe this is when the worst offenders use the roads. Please note that the Council’s Customer First Contact Centre acts as the first contact point for reporting highway problems such as faulty traffic signals. Call 0845 245 7000 (Customer First Contact Centre), or 0845 1111 137 (for out-of-hours emergencies).
Residents also informed the meeting about obstruction of parking markings on the corner of Joseph Avenue and Bradford Road by parked cars. Can they be extended and enforced? Insp. Skeath will request parking services to patrol and if the cars are causing an obstruction the police will take action .
The Council’s Parking Service is responsible for enforcement . Illegal parking can be reported direct to parking@calderdale.gov.uk ; Telephone  01422 392171 / 392125. Please give as much information as you can about times and location of the problem.
Council Updates
Calderdale Local Plan – consultation on preferred options October – December . Liz Broadley explained the consultation process on the next stage of the Calderdale Local Plan which will set out development proposals up to 2029. Details are in the circulated information paper. The ward forums team will be holding sessions in local libraries to help people navigate the on- line Planning Portal, unsing library computers during Library Closure hours. She explained that residents on email can also request details of new planning applications or changes to existing plans to be automatically sent to them on a weekly basis. There will be more information about this on the N&E Blog, and details will also be sent to people on the ward forum mailing list, when the consultation goes live. All local libraries will have hard copies of the consultation material when it is available on 19 October.
Calderdale’s current UDP plans would stay in place until Calderdale adopts a Local Plan – which will not be until late 2014.
Localised Council Tax Support Scheme: Liz Broadley explained the questionnaires and background information that was distributed. Consultation ends on 5 October. Key facts include
Although pensioners who receive Council Tax benefit will more onto the new scheme, they will be protected and will not have their benefit reduced under the new scheme. All current working age claimants of Council Tax Benefit will be affected and might see their benefit change.
It is proposed that in the first year, all people will continue to receive the same level of support as they currently receive under Council Tax Benefit. This is because the Council has set some money aside to help reduce the impact of the changes.
From April 2014 most working age people who qualify for Council Tax Support will have to pay more towards their Council Tax than they do now or would have done under Council Tax benefit. The Council will be writing to all those affected in January 2014.
Councillor Caffrey also explained the new Under Occupancy deductions for people of working age who live in social housing and claim Housing Benefit.. He stressed that pensioners would not be affected and neither would anyone who owned their own home, or who does not receive housing benefit to help pay their rent.
Liz explained that the Government’s Welfare Reform changes are far reaching, and aimed at people of working age. Some – including the Benefits Cap, are already in place. Others , including Localised Council Tax Support, and under-occupancy start from April 2013; and the Universal Credit which will replace a range of out of work and housing benefit, will be phased in throughout the country between October 2013 (for new claimaints) and 2017/
Bulky Waste Removal Charges Information: There will be a £10 charge from 1 October for the removal of bulky household waste – this is charged per collection (not per item). There is a separate charge for collection of ‘fixture and fittings’ waste and fridges and freezers. Fridges and freezers are charged at £18.30 each. For “fixtures and fittings” there is a minimum charge of £48 for ‘indoor’ waste and minimum £68 for ‘outdoor’ waste. An officer will come to the property prior to collection to assess the waste and will quote a price at that time. To place an order, call Customer First on 0845 2457000.
Halifax Town Centre, Central Library and Archive Consultation –reminder that consultation closes on 30 September. Phil Gibson , speaking on behalf of the Civic Society asked residents to consider the impact of moving the Central Library from its current location to a new proposed site by the Piece Hall. He put forward the following questions for consideration:
How do you feel towards the Lib/Lab council not recognising the people of Calderdale’s petition of 16,700 requesting to retain the Central Library in its present position?
The feelings of the people of Northowram and Shelf towards the excessive expense of the Ipsos Mori poll. Some £50,000 of the tax payers money
Can the people of Northowram and Shelf be relied upon to help save our library and archives in the present building?
Support the need to keep the Central Library in its present building by contacting Mr Philip Gibson 01422 203186, and request that this be communicated in an Ipsos MORI response form.
PACT and Police Update – Insp. Colin Skeath
Insp. Skeath began by informing residents that crime was falling across all areas of North and East Halifax. Good news includes:
Four arrests have been made for recent cross border burglaries in the area. The alleged offenders are currently on bail and have been charged with burglary dwelling offences.
POCA – Proceeds of Crime Act. This is a very useful tool and officers have targets to achieve. The money retrieved is used to fight crime and is split between the police and the council.
In respect of anti social and threatening behaviour, Insp. Skeath asked residents pass information, including names where known to him at the end of meeting. Residents commented that good local youth provision was the key to tackling this problem and it was a shame that the proposed local youth club did not come off. Liz agreed and explained that unfortunately this was due to lack of volunteers and not lack of input from Children and Young Peoples Services. This Council service could not provide additional service beyond their Friday night mobile youth provision, but Chris Eves has confirmed that the service would support any future volunteers with training and support as has happened during the last 12 months. Cllr Caffrey also informed the meeting about a meeting he would be attending about the proposed skate park in Shelf. Residents asked if any POCA money can used for youth provision but unfortunately it can’t. Discussions were also held about the Victim Support Charge. Liz advised residents about the council’s Small Grants Scheme for small projects. Speak to her later for details if required.
Northowram NPT Team : Insp. Skeath explained that there was a dedicated team of the following:
Sgt. Rob Barton
PC Mark Nicholson
PCSO Brian Russell
However, he stressed that this team had the full support of the West Yorkshire Police and officers from other teams when not on duty - so residents will see other police officers in the ward.
Open Forum –What matters to you
New rules on school bus passes – Cllr Caffrey explained about the ongoing Home to School Transport consultation. The consultation will take place between 3 September and 19 October 2012. If you would like to discuss the proposed changes there will also be a drop in session at Central Library on Monday 24 September between 3.30pm and 6.30pm. Details are also available on the Halifax North and East Blog



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