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Meeting notes from Ward & Northowram Village Society - 10th March 2015. Northowram Village Society incorporated in this meeting.
Held at Northowram Community Sports and Activity Club, Westercroft Lane, Northowram. Read more.

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News from Ward Forum held 10th December 2014.
Updates from the Northowram Village Society, Shelf Village Society, Policing and planning issues all available on the Northowram Village Society web page.


War memorial service 11am on the 11th of the 11th 2014.
With thanks to the Scarecrow committee for the pictures and notes.

northowram war memorial

Proposed Sports ground and facilites below Stone Chair roundabout.
There is concern from a number of residents due to a new application that has been received by Calderdale Planning for a proposed clubhouse with indoor sports hall, changing facilities and football pitches with car parking and associated works. The application number is 14/00561/FUL and was received on the 2nd May 2014. It is advised that anyone who would like to comment on this application do so via the Calderdale web site. The next Northowram Village Society will no doubt be discussing this proposed development. The next meeting will be advised soon.


Northowram & Shelf Ward Forum meeting Notes including Crime Figures
The meeting held on Tuesday 17th June 2014. St Michael & All Angels Junior School. It was well attended by both Northowram and Shelf residents.
Read more on the Village Society page.




1st place The wedding day , Sarah Dawber
2nd place , Oz the yellow brick road , Angela Wright
3rd place, The fireman, Phil Turner
4th place, Meet the neighbours , Pauline Turner.


northowram dedication
The dedication of the War Memorial took place on 5th May 2014 in front of a large crowd. More pictures on the scarecrow pages.
SCARECROW EMAIL ADDRESS: northowramscarecrows@hotmail.co.uk
Meeting notes added for recent committee meeting. Click here

Post Office moves to new address.
You can find the Post Office counter in the Towngate stores. The old Post Office is now closed. This is the end of an era as the Post Office has been situated at the corner of Lydgate from the 1900's. Thanks to Richard for his service to all Northowram customers over the years.

Notes from Ward Forum meeting held 19th March 2014
Main stories can be read on the Village Society page:-
• Policing in the Village
• Moving Forward with the Local Neighbourhood Plan
• Lumbrook Wind Turbine Planning Application


Planning application refused for wind turbines on the top of Shibden Valley skyline!
The Planning Committee decided on Tuesday 3rd December, by a unanimous vote, to refuse permission for the massive wind turbines on swales Moor overlooking Shibden Valley.We will have to wait to see what the Leo Group decide to do next. More to follow if this planning application resumes.

Update from the Northowram Village Society AGM meeting held 7th Nov 2013.
Notes from the meeting can be read on the NVS page. Click here.

Northowram Historical Society Events Calendar 2014.
The latest Northowram Historical Society Events are now listed for 2014. Click here.

Theft of expensive road bikes in village
In the early hours of Saturday 16th Three expensive road bikes were stolen from Harwin Close, Northowram. If anyone knows anything about the theft there is a reward available. Please contact: info@northowram.org or the local police. The bikes are easily recogniseable: 1. LYNSKEY R340 silver frame with black forks. Dura Ace components and hand built wheels, Mavic CPX 33's. Columbus forks. 2. FORT bike with white frame and black forks. Flat handbars that curve up to look like bull horns. Shimano gears. 3. AERON by Ridley, black and silver frame, black forks and mudguards. Shimano components and wheels. All bikes have Bontrager computers and would only fit a 6 foot plus rider.
Lynskey R340 stolen

Update notes from the Scarecrow Event
The 2nd Northowram Scarecrow Event has been a fabulous success. This is a community wide event and involves all the local businesses, community groups including churches, school and Scouts. Many of these groups made this year’s event an opportunity to fundraise for their own causes and made a donation to the Scarecrow Community Fund. All monies raised will be used to benefit/improve the village community...read more.

Are you interested in more housing developments in Northowram?
If living here means a lot to you and the increase of housing, traffic and the overload of the infrasructure of the village is going to change the future shape of life in this area, then you need to get involved. Click here


Please help make this site a one stop place for villagers to find out about all activities that are happening in our area.
This site was funded by the Northowram Village Society and the Northowram Historical Society to help in promoting the activities and issues that affect village life. As it has grown it was felt that other activities and businesses could use this site to direct people to their own site or just to advertise their presence.

Feedback has been fantastic from those who believe it is working for the village together with interaction from community groups and leaders it has meant a constant flow of information. We know there are areas we could promote better and will work towards increasing the content, but we also need YOUR help by supplying any relevant information you require to communicate to villagers as this is a non profit making site and relies on a constant update of viable information.

Since 7th March 2011 when the site was launched we have had 2500 pages looked at with nearly 1000 people looking at the site and over 300 returning regularly to look at it, and that is without advertising the site. We have also achieved a first page rating when putting Northowram in the search box in Google.

It is our objective to get local businesses and activites promoted. The only fees apply to small ads and this money helps in keeping the site active. Our next objective is to promote the site to ALL villagers, so this will be the most cost effective way to reach customers and villagers alike. You can contact us at:-







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Pictures and report on the successful Northowram New Book Launch.
It was a packed hall at Heywood Chuch for the Northowram Historical Society new book launch. Read more..

Queen Victoria Inn, proposed development to a convenience store.
The Northowram Village Society will be keeping everyone posted as to the progress of this application for the Queen Victoria Inn to become a supermarket of-shoot small store. Rumors are rife as to future ownership, with Tesco being outbid by the Co-op and Sainbury being the actual choice. At the moment we belive that Blackshaw holdings are just testing the water. Check the Village Society pages for further news.

Leo Group propose three wind turbines spread on the Shibden Valley skyline!
Another wind turbine threat to the Shibden Valley
Following the refusal of the single very large wind turbine last year, the Leo Group Ltd. has come back with a new proposal for 3 wind turbines at and near their Swales Moor Road site. The difference this time is that the turbines will be spread out along the ridge. They will be 46m. (152ft.) to the tip, i.e. around 4 times the height of the existing shed that overlooks the Valley. This is absolutely the wrong place for a scheme of this sort, as the turbines will inevitably damage the openness of the Green Belt in which they are to be sited, as well as damaging the landscape of the Special Landscape Area below.
Do please let the Council know your views about this application. Full details of the application can be found on the Council website:- www.portal.calderdale.gov.uk/online-applications . Just enter the reference number 14/01125 and select Search .
You can send your comments either:-
a)by post, writing to Planning Services, Calderdale MBC, Westgate House, Westgate, Halifax, HX1 1PS, making sure to quote the reference number 14/01125/FUL, or
b)online, at the address above. You will need to login (after registering if you don’t have an account). Then ignore the incorrect on-screen statement saying “Comments may not be submitted at this time” and select the Comments tab.
Comments should arrive by Friday 7 November. Every comment counts in showing the strength of local feeling – the community’s voice was heard last time, so please help to make it heard again.

leo group map

Landslide at Stump Cross - 1856.
A new history story on the History page.

Highway robbery in the nineteenth centuryCrimes of different type seem to features quite a few regularly in the nineteenth century newspaper articles. Certainly the ones that stand out are where they can be easily imagined, as they took place in places close to our village in a place most of us travel through regularly today, Godley Lane.
The following are some extracts of reports from various newspapers that illustrate the difficulties travellers faced on the road in these earlier times. Read more.

NSPCC its work in the past in Northowram.
Here are two stories published in the Halifax Guardian at the turn of the 20th century.Read more

Old Pictures of specific places in Northowram wanted. Yew Tree Inn & Godley Bridge
We have had a request for some places of interest in the old Northowram township. Do you know of any old and early pictures of the Yew Tree Inn on Northowram Green? Or do you have an image of the old bridge at the top to Godley. The bridge in place is dated 1901, we would like to know if anyone has a picture of the previous bridge? Please let Mike Beecham know by email to: history@northowram.org

Nature Watch
New sighting in the area. Click here. Want to see Bullfinches, Redpolls, Longtail Tits and Siskins, all easy to photograph?

Northowram Fields Cricket Club update.
See sports pages

Research help for members required, world wide help required.
September 2011
We have various research projects going on now we are in full swing, with members focusing on various aspects of Northowram history such as mining, quarrying, Godley Cuttings and Stump Cross to name a small amount.

northowram history
The beauty of the world wide web is that hopefully we can come to the attention of those out there who have some gems of knowledge or artifacts that can help add that extra value to our finished projects...read more

Please contact info@northowram.org to be added to the site for FREE or click the link below to find out the current advertising rates.. Analytics for the number of visitors to the site will be published at regular intervals.

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New views of the village are added at regular intervals, take a look on OUR VILLAGE NOW link

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Revised opening times for the Northowram Library
Please check the revised opening times for the library. Click here.

Pass on your details and you can be on the site for free and have access to over 1000 customers regular users of this site.

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Ward Forum newsletter avilable to read.
New events and articles from around our area including useful information to help you and your family. Click the link to get there.http://halifaxnorthandeast.com/

Latest updates from West Yorkshire Police web site...101 non emergency number!

When it's not an emergency...101 is now the number to call to contact the police when it's not an emergency. 101 is available 24 hours a day. Use 101 for: My car has been stolen, my property has been vandalised, I want to talk to someone about crime, I suspect someone is selling stolen goods, I suspect drug dealing in my neighbourhood, My phone has been stolen and I need a crime number. In an emergency always call 999.

Link to Police crime action page.







































































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