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northowram history event

Can you help lonely and isolated older residents of Northowram and Shelf?.

There is a current project titled 'Northowram and Shelf Staying Well,' which is aimed tackling loneliness and isolation concerning older people.

It is now open to anyone aged 18+. The project aims at getting people especially those hard to reach residents, more involved in the community, to develop new friendships and become more active, this will be achieved by staying well workers making contact with those residents who are lonely and isolated and referring them to an appropriate activity. Also there is a fund of money to help groups develop new, and sustain existing, projects that meet the staying well priorities for the area.

The first objective is to develop a N&S Staying Well Committee who will drive it forward this area. This committee would meet 4 times a year and meetings would be informal and last no more than 2 hours and take place at a venue in the ward area. We are not asking for anyone to take on a role of treasurer or secretary as the staying well worker would take minutes and all finances would remain in my organisations account. People are required to attend and take part in discussions, make decisions and help make staying well have a positive impact in the ward, especially on those who are lonely and isolated. If you can volunteer a couple of hours every 3 months and would like to become a member of the committee can you please let Tony King know. Tony can be contacted via the NE Halifax Neighbourhood Team. Email: tony.king@calderdale.gov.uk

Keep intouch with development issues.


The proposed new Co-op to be sited across from Northowram Garage has only had 17 objections. The next stage is to see how delivery lorries intend to access and leave the site. This could allow for a major objection to the development of the site. If the site does go ahead then the developers will be asked to contribute to a controlled Pelican Crossing at the Westercroft/Lydgate junction.

Policing was discussed by officers present. Lack of numbers patrolling has led to an icreace in crime within Northowram. Numbers have now been increased. Efforts to monitor undesirables entering the area have been stepped up by monitoring ang stopping vehicles.

NEXT MEETING: Wednesday 28th March 2018. 5.30pm for 6pm start. Northowram Community Sports and Activity Club, Westercroft Lane. HX3 7EN

northowram scarecrow newsCOMING EVENTS IN THE VILLAGE

Notes form the meeting for the formation of a Local Development Forum group.
Held on the 6th March at Shelf Club. This meeting was organised by Peter Caffery, a local councillor and was backed by some of the Calderdale Council representatives who had background knowledge of what was required. There was a good turnout of residents from both Shelf and Northowram. A group was required with a minimum of 21 people to be able influence future development in both areas of the Ward Forum. This would mean that developers could not over run the agreed plans of the elected Local Development Forum group. The audience had a chance to voice any concerns and to understand the situation in more detail, there was a show of hands to find out how many were interested in supporting the formation of a group. The conclusion of the meeting allowed people to register an interest. More people are still needed. CAN YOU BE INVOLVED? Please contact Peter Caffery email: councillor.PCaffrey@calderdale.gov.uk

Historical Society AGM and Presentation report. Held 17th March 2016.
Read the notes concerning the fourth AGM of the Northowram Historical Society and presentations - History page.

Northowram Historical Society research group summer meetings now available for new members.
These meetings are held at Heywood Church lower meeting room on Wednesday evenings, start time is 7.30pm. The next evening research group sessions are scheduled from 13th April to 22nd June 2016. Everyone welcome. £3 per session includes tea/coffee and biscuits. There is FREE access to the internet.

Notes from the Northowram Village Society Meeting held 24th November 2015.
This meeting was a 'make or break' for the society. A new chairman was needed to be able to carry on in its current format, otherwise changes had to be made. READ MORE

Ward Forum notes from meeting held 7th December 2015.
A very good turn out of residents from both Northowram and Shelf. A presentation by West Yorkshire Trading Standards informed everyone of the types of 'scams' that they could be taken in by. Policing matters were covered by Shawn Hartley, speed gun results were explained. Still issues over speeding in certain areas that need to be addressed. The Local Plan was discussed with a map of proposed development areas marked on it. This is available to see at Halifax townhall 17th November. Other details are on Calderdale web site. Next meeting 23rd March Northowram Community Centre, Westercroft Lane.


Why not come along and join us. Whether you're an experienced bowler or a beginner and just fancy giving it a try, all are welcome! It's a great game and enjoyed by people of all ages, both male and female. If you are interested just give us a call.
Peter Hendry
Secretary - Northowram BC

Meeting notes from Ward & Northowram Village Society - 10th March 2015. Northowram Village Society incorporated in this meeting.
Held at Northowram Community Sports and Activity Club, Westercroft Lane, Northowram. Read more.

Please help make this site a one stop place for villagers to find out about all activities that are happening in our area.
This site was funded by the Northowram Village Society and the Northowram Historical Society to help in promoting the activities and issues that affect village life. As it has grown it was felt that other activities and businesses could use this site to direct people to their own site or just to advertise their presence.

Feedback has been fantastic from those who believe it is working for the village together with interaction from community groups and leaders it has meant a constant flow of information. We know there are areas we could promote better and will work towards increasing the content, but we also need YOUR help by supplying any relevant information you require to communicate to villagers as this is a non profit making site and relies on a constant update of viable information.

Since 7th March 2011 when the site was launched we have had 2500 pages looked at with nearly 1000 people looking at the site and over 300 returning regularly to look at it, and that is without advertising the site. We have also achieved a first page rating when putting Northowram in the search box in Google.

It is our objective to get local businesses and activites promoted. The only fees apply to small ads and this money helps in keeping the site active. Our next objective is to promote the site to ALL villagers, so this will be the most cost effective way to reach customers and villagers alike. You can contact us at:-










northowram night of brass

New History research sessions every Wednesday at 7.30pm.
If you enjoy taking part in researching the history of Northowram why not come along to or research group who meet every Wednesday from 10th January 2018 through to Wednesday 14th March 2018. The group is currently reseatching the history of the village and surrounding areas from 1900 through to current times plus the older houses of the area. Meetings held at the lower meeting room at Heywood Church, Northowram.

SHELF AND NORTHOWRAM LOCAL PLAN FORUM. Inform that over 2000 new houses are being proposed for both areas. The effect to the villages will be catastrophic. Read more on the Village Society page.

Local Development Planning Issues. 2000 houses are proposed to be built in Northowram and Shelf..

Residents should be aware of current plans to build 500 houses in Northowram and 1,500 in Shelf. This plan will cover a period of time from now until 2032. Certainly in Northowram there is little space left, which now points to green belt being targeted.
Combine this with the congestion of the roads and the overloading of local services it all points to a massive problem.
The eastern side of Halifax is having to bear the strain of excessive development, where other areas with brown field sites, are escaping development. It is now time for those who want to protect their village from excessive and over development to fight these plans.

More information available on Village Society page

northowram book launch

Tea/coffee and biscuits and a friendly group, only £3 per evening session. Email: history@northowram.org and we'll tell you more, or just drop in to see us at Heywood Church lower meeting room. 7.30pm start.

Latest news from the Scarecrow event.
Available to read on the Scarecrow page. Your latest updates from this years event.

surestart northowram

A Question of Railways in the 1830s..new history story

Canals or railways, which is the best investment in the1830s. READ THE FULL STORY

Volunteers help with a big clean up at Heywood Church graveyard .

heywood church graveyard cleanup
George Bowers and Alan Rushworth are two of the volunteers shown in the picture below, who took time out on one Saturday in June to help with a full tidy up of the Heywood Church graveyard. All those who helped were treated to a bacon butty and a cuppa. Help is still required so please look out for the next clean up event!

HISTORY STORIES....see the history page

Instigation of the Halifax Council in 1848 and its relationship to Northowram Township.
A new history story on the History page.

Highway robbery in the nineteenth centuryCrimes of different type seem to features quite a few regularly in the nineteenth century newspaper articles. Certainly the ones that stand out are where they can be easily imagined, as they took place in places close to our village in a place most of us travel through regularly today, Godley Lane.
The following are some extracts of reports from various newspapers that illustrate the difficulties travellers faced on the road in these earlier times. Read more.

NSPCC its work in the past in Northowram.
Here are two stories published in the Halifax Guardian at the turn of the 20th century.Read more

Old Pictures of specific places in Northowram wanted. Yew Tree Inn & Godley Bridge
We have had a request for some places of interest in the old Northowram township. Do you know of any old and early pictures of the Yew Tree Inn on Northowram Green? Or do you have an image of the old bridge at the top to Godley. The bridge in place is dated 1901, we would like to know if anyone has a picture of the previous bridge? Please let Mike Beecham know by email to: history@northowram.org








































































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